فَسْئَلُوْٓا اَہْلَ الذِّکْرِ اِنْ کُنْتُمْ لاَ تَعْلَمُوْنَ
Answer about disloyalty
60816.1جائز و ناجائزامور کا بیانجائز و ناجائز کے متفرق مسائل


actually, our company sells the imported UPS and Solar panels; it is the only authorized dealer of the Socomec UPS and the Fiamn batteries in Pakistan. These UPS sometimes require additional batteries for the provision of the additional power backup now, the hitch however occurs when the directors quote the batteries that are different from brand and power that, we have in stock to the clients then. Printed stickers are being pasted very delicately on these batteries to fool the clients. Furthermore, very recently they sold an apparently new UPS with the circuit board that was replaces with the old and repaired one board before the whole thing was shipped to the client,. My problem is not the fooling a human being let alone a Muslim are a very serious crime. Can you at least get me a written fatwah about this matters?


It is not allowed to paste new printed stickers on old UPS in order to show it is new UPS; it is disloyalty that is prohibited expressly in sharia.

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